English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

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English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

(CRICOS Course Code: 087719G)

This course is offered at 2 levels (EAP 1 and EAP 2) and is designed to prepare students for success in academic post-secondary courses and in the IELTS test. EAP develops academic language as well as study skills.

EAP students will learn how to listen and take notes in lectures, give oral presentations and group discussion, write academic essays, and read academic texts.

The EAP course enables students to understand spoken English in conversations, discussions and lectures and to take notes, speak clearly and confidently, apply a range of reading skills in order to understand and make notes on a variety of written texts, express in writing, facts, ideas and opinions using correct and appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structures and other features of academic writing and use a range of study skills (including research skills) in order to synthesise information and ideas from different sources.

Many of the skills learned in the EAP course can be directly transferred to the skills and language focus of the IELTS Preparation course and test.